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Story: Attwell Off Main is a 165 unit two-building development intended to introduce new residents into the downtown core of Tigard, Oregon in order to help foster a culture of pedestrian-oriented urbanism.  This particular site acts as a bridge between the urban thoroughfare of Burnham Street and the more pastoral trail system that interlaces with Fanno Creek to the south and west.

Sited alongside the Fanno Creek wetland, the initial entry sequence into the building is meant to draw an explicit visual connection between the front forecourt and the courtyard patio beyond, stitching the lobby and common rooms in between.  This sequence begins with an entry forecourt with wood slab bench seating, boulders and other landscape; continuing into the lobby, through sliding glass panels into the expansive Common Room and Lounge, and out onto the courtyard patio that blends into the Fanno Creek wetland beyond.  

Location: 12790 SW Ash Ave

Type: 165-Unit Multifamily

Dates: Completed 2017

Architect: SERA Architects

Partner: Capstone Partners; City of Tigard