Waverly Commons

Story: Waverly Commons is a 19-home community-oriented single family home project in SE Portland. Waverly gives families an “in-between” neighborhood gathering space that typical American single-family subdivisions lack. In most subdivisions, front yards are very public and their backyards very private, so children’s play and neighborhood activities end up in the street. The Commons, a semi-public, community-oriented green space for residents and local neighbors, is an elegant solution to this problem. Essentially a park, it’s connected to several back yards, and contains a play structure, large lawn area, and various gardens. The concept has been an astounding success for the residents and has also attracted a great deal of attention and interest from the real estate community.

All of the homes in Waverly Commons were built to Earth Advantage standards and many have solar panels.

Location: 3550 SE Woodward St

Type: 19-Home Subdivision

Dates: Completed 2014